FLASHPOINTS: How Will You Improve the Lives of Others?

BAG Screen shot 012814Service is at the core of every leadership role. 

 It’s often through others that we realize who we really are in life.  Great leaders realize that they must be of service to others; that they must encourage others, in order to achieve greatness.  Have you ever noticed yourself offering kindness and compliments to others that you often withhold from yourself?  Isn’t it interesting that we often place the happiness of others ahead of ourselves, even in everyday life situations?  Although it’s a fine line between service and co-dependence, that’s what leadership is all about – it’s the perfect example of being of service to others.  It’s humbling to know that our courage, commitment, generosity, and passion can cause lasting improvements in the lives of others.  How will you show courage, generosity, or passion to someone today?

LEADERS ARE READERS: The Leader’s Code: Mission, Character, Service, and Getting the Job Done By: Donovan Campbell

What does it take to be a great leader? In a word: character. This unique book by decorated U.S. Marine Corps veteran Donovan Campbell, the New York Times bestselling author of Joker One, draws on his years of training and combat experience to reveal the specific virtues that underpin effective leadership—and how anyone can stand up, serve others, and make a difference in the world by bringing out the best in a team.
The Leader’s Code is a practical action plan that can be applied to any situation in which exemplary leadership is required, whether that be at home or in the workplace. Moreover, The Leader’s Code unpacks the military servant-leader model—a leader must take care of his mission first, his team second, and himself a distant third—and explains why this concept of self-sacrifice is so needed in today’s world. Focusing on the development of character as the foundation of servant-leadership, Campbell identifies character’s six key attributes: humility, excellence, kindness, discipline, courage, and wisdom. Then, drawing on lessons from his time in the Corps and stories from history, Scripture, and American business, he shows us how to develop those virtues in order to take the helm with confidence, conviction, and a passion to bring out the best in others.

Being a leader is about being worthy of being followed. True leaders, Campbell argues, foster compassion for others and they pursue excellence in all that they do. They are humble and know how to self-correct. Campbell’s exploration of these vital qualities is wide-ranging, as he takes us from the boardrooms of the world’s most successful companies to the Infantry Officer Course, the intense twelve-week training gauntlet that Marines use to prepare their leaders to sacrifice themselves for the welfare of others.

With faith in our political and business leaders at an all-time low, America is in the midst of a crisis of trust. Yet public opinion polls show that there is one institution that still commands widespread respect because of its commitment to character and sacrifice: the United States military. The Leader’s Code shows that this same servant-leader model can help us all become our best selves—and provide a way forward for our nation.

Advance praise for The Leader’s Code
“A refreshing model for leadership, offering convincing principles and motivating examples that are sure to make a difference in a leader’s personal and professional life. I can’t remember a leadership book that has had more influence on my thinking.”—Steve Reinemund, dean of business, Wake Forest University, and retired chairman and CEO, PepsiCo
“Donovan Campbell has written a superb, thoughtful, all-encompassing examination of leadership and leaders. His key lessons, easily understood and well articulated, are applicable at home, within the community, and to professionals in all walks of life. The Leader’s Code is an important book for anyone concerned about today’s leadership crisis in our country and in our communities.”—General Mike Hagee, USMC (Ret.), 33rd Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps

“Donovan Campbell nails it as he speaks to our country’s need for leadership at every level: at home, in the marketplace, in education, in government, and in the military. The Leader’s Code is a clear call to be focused on the right mission, in the right way, and at the right time. This is a thoughtful book that will keep you awake at night and challenge you to dream in the daytime!”Dennis Rainey, president and CEO, FamilyLife

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FLASHPOINTS: Are You Ready For Transparency?

Honestly, honesty is vital to any endeavor

It seems, more than ever, consumers are looking for transparency from the organizations & brands they interact with.  So, in response, it’s getting quite popular for organizations to be more open about their financial condition and corporate culture—at least for those who pride themselves in providing an honest, morally sound, and socially good service or product.  How much focus & energy is placed on honesty in your organization?  Would you be willing to open your books, systems and even workplace environment and invite the public right in?  If not, the very things you’re trying to hide are probably already holding you back without you even realizing.  The challenge remains: spend your energy on the things that matter, rather than trying to hide.  Are you ready for a little transparency?

FLASHPOINTS: Looking for a New Outlook?

If you’re looking for a new outlook or outcome in life, try this on for size: Serve Others.

Let’s start with this: there’s no higher calling than serving others.  Period.  If you’re looking to “up-level” your life or business, forget about the “secret” and “systems” the shysters are peddling.  Whether you believe in religion, karma, self-development, or something entirely different—being of service to others is the only way to experience a life of significance and success.  Being of service to others is not about forgetting your own goals in place of others’…it’s not even about charity.  It’s about the realization that the world is not all about you—it’s about the other people out there, and the contributions you can make in serving them.  Grasping this simple truth will put your entire life into perspective.  When was the last time you served others with zero expectations of remuneration?

FLASHPOINTS: It Only Take 5 Minutes to Blow It

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. ~Warren Buffett

Now there’s a reminder for providing ethical leadership & exceptional service if ever there was one! Really, take a moment and think about what Buffett is reminding us of here. It takes just one indiscretion, just one serious misstep, to truly blow it all. No, it’s not impossible to repair your reputation…but ain’t easy. Since the day you opened your business, and long before you ever accepted your first leadership role, you’ve worked on building a strong, positive reputation, right? Your reputation has helped grow your sphere of influence and allowed you to achieve more goals. It’s important to preserve this reputation—after all, it’s what people will remember long after we’re gone. It’s called legacy. If, before any action, you considered your resulting reputation, would you conduct yourself differently?