Are You Ready For Great Leadership?

Great leaders inspire people to act. They possess a fierce resolve and dogged determination to do what needs to be done to build remarkable organizations, and have a disproportionate affect on the success of their organization. Great leaders have a profound impact on company culture and the morale of every team member. They give team members a sense of hope, purpose & belonging.

Great leaders create a following of people who act, not because they are manipulated or have to, but because they are inspired and want to.

Flashpoints: How Did You Communicate Today?

The biggest problem with email is the illusion that it’s communication.

Emailing has certainly sped up decision making in the workplace, but is it really the most effective way to communicate with your team?  I can think of hundreds of scenarios where emailing has made life easier for leaders & achievers—saving time and resources.  There are, however, times when email causes more problems than it solves.  For example, you can’t easily communicate genuine excitement or passions with it.  Emotions and feelings don’t always translate accurately; and this can become a barrier for motivating & inspiring your team.  That barely coherent email you sent your assistant late last night could have been communicated better in person, by phone, or video chat this morning, couldn’t it?  Before you hit send, ask yourself, “Is there a better way to communicate this more effectively?”

FLASHPOINTS: Who Inspires You On To Greatness?

When you find someone who
inspires you to be a better person,
let them know & never let them go!

It seems that authenticity and genuine leadership rarely intersect anymore, so it’s tough to identify that role model who excites us about life and reaching for our fullest potential.  Whereas mentors can be found in the writings & recordings of those long since passed, the rules for this scenario are they have to be alive, contactable, and worthy of emulation!  Personally, I find it difficult to find all the great traits that inspire me wrapped up in one person, so I admire specific traits in specific people.  When you admire someone, let them know…don’t keep that gift of encouragement to yourself.  Sometimes a simple word of thanks can fuel the next great breakthrough. Everyone needs a cheerleader, even our heroes and role models. Who inspires you on to greatness?

FLASHPOINTS: Feel Like Talking Now?

When you really believe in your vision, you can’t stop talking about it.
So, if you’ve been quiet for a while, something’s up.

Have you been so busy it’s keeping you quiet…or is there some emotional, resource or financial barrier in your way?  I know, it’s hard to be honest with yourself when there’s so much at stake.  But, are you inspired by your life & business?  Yes?  Excellent! Go forth & share your story!  No?  Not to worry.  By cutting yourself some slack; hitting your emotional reset button; and redeploying your time, talents & resources; you can get back on track.  Now’s the time to reflect & redefine your goals so that you’re still invested in them.  Now’s the time to face your fears about being the Chief Evangelist Officer (CEO) of your brand.  Now’s the time to accept that you’re only as great as the actions you take.  Feel like talking now?

FLASHPOINTS: What is YOUR greater good?

Many small people, in many small places, do many small things, that can alter the face of the world. ~Anonymous

Beyond creating wealth for shareholders, and jobs & security for those in our sphere of influence, what are we really meant to do with our life as a leader or entrepreneur? The most inspirational & influential people I know use their resources, platform and professional acumen to do great works beyond the business arena. Some provide for clean water wells in developing regions; others clothe the destitute; while others mentor future leaders. Whatever it is that motivates or inspires you, I urge you to think about the greater good that can be served by your business, your position, & your platform. We may face many challenges in business, but there are greater challenges to be fought, that will always be bigger than business. How will you make a difference?


Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes

There are two ways to affect change: manipulation & inspiration. Which way suits you?