FLASHPOINTS: How Will You Improve the Lives of Others?

BAG Screen shot 012814Service is at the core of every leadership role. 

 It’s often through others that we realize who we really are in life.  Great leaders realize that they must be of service to others; that they must encourage others, in order to achieve greatness.  Have you ever noticed yourself offering kindness and compliments to others that you often withhold from yourself?  Isn’t it interesting that we often place the happiness of others ahead of ourselves, even in everyday life situations?  Although it’s a fine line between service and co-dependence, that’s what leadership is all about – it’s the perfect example of being of service to others.  It’s humbling to know that our courage, commitment, generosity, and passion can cause lasting improvements in the lives of others.  How will you show courage, generosity, or passion to someone today?

FLASHPOINTS: What Is Your Path To Greatness?

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The pursuit of our passions requires inspiration & courage…
and is our path to greatness.

I often write about following your passion, committing to serving others, and seeking significance to achieve super-charged results. But, what happens when we can’t quite identify or articulate our passions? Keep in mind that everything new or outside our inherent strengths will seem like hard work…whether we’re passionate or not. Discovering our passions, however, requires reflection & exploration: so, get out; travel; volunteer; serve others; and push the boundaries a bit…and think about the things you enjoy doing when you aren’t working –what gets you excited; what do you like to read and learn about; who do you surround yourself with; where do you like to be? Among these exercise & exploits you’ll likely find your ticket to a more meaningful existence. Is your path to greatness paved with passion?