FLASHPOINTS: Good For the Goose?

BAG Screen shot 052014What’s good for the goose may NOT be good for the gander.

In life, everything is relative to our personal goals and experiences … a small expense for some might be totally extravagant for others. Except it really isn’t about the expense—it’s about the value of the resulting experience. The same is true when taking action to achieve our goals. What might be bold and reckless for some might be baby steps for others. The resulting experience that the action can produce, how deep the desire is and the potential value gained are what will drive us forward, no matter how much our ego gets battered and bloodied. One thing’s for sure: if what drives us to take daily action is something worth fighting for, the fight becomes much easier. Can you articulate the value of what you’re fighting for?

FLASHPOINTS: What The Antidote?

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It ain’t obstacles that stand in our way; it simply comes down to you and me.

Yes, the only thing standing between us and our goals is us, and it comes down to action. Sadly, knowing this and feeling inspired to take determined action can be miles apart. We can, however, start to bridge that gap by working a little smarter and contributing a little more to get things done. But sometimes, the extra pressure can bog us down, like we’ve been bitten by the paralysis bug. So, what’s the antidote? Flexibility. Reflect, reassess, and ask: Does it really need to be done now? What are the odds of actually getting it done now? What will the consequence or reward be as a result? And how can planning be improved next time? Which of your goals truly need more of you, and which just need revising?

FLASHPOINTS: Trust Yourself and YOUR Vision!

BAG Screen shot 040814When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for everyone telling you you’re nuts

—Larry Ellison

Have you ever encountered doubt or disbelief after explaining a monster goal? If not, you’re one of the lucky ones. Have you found yourself on the receiving end of a cringe, eye roll, shake of the head or the “You’re kidding me, right?” look? Don’t fret, it’s just part of the innovation territory. We’re better off being surrounded by people who are open-minded, supportive, and have faith in us. Yet we do need both types of people on our team: ones to warn us and others to bolster us. We should decide to pursue our goals based on our own gut feel, balanced with the proper perspective received from both the negative Nellies and the positive Pollies. How will you dare to be different and trust yourself for your vision?



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Like lipstick on a pig, procrastination is really just fear with a fancy title.

Surprising? Well, maybe. Can you recall a fearful time in your life, when you fought the fright and accomplished the goal.  It felt AWESOME, right?  For most of us, the next thought was, “What took so long to do that?”  In a word: fear.  Fear of making a mistake…of it taking longer than expected…of looking like a fool…of change…of results not meeting expectations.  Listen, it’s OK to procrastinate—briefly; but self-awareness is vital to understanding the difference between not being ready, and fear.  So how do we give fear the middle-finger?  Take ACTION!  Take one small step…then another…and soon it’s an indescribable view from the top of a mountain, looking out over your accomplishments.  Start climbing! What will you do today that’ll get you one step closer to your goal?


FLASHPOINTS: Are You Leading Inspired Team?

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There’s no greater leverage than a compelling vision, and an inspired team to make it so.

If we don’t believe in ourselves, or in the people we work with, can we really call ourselves effective leaders? It takes guts to identify a need or shortcoming, and then make the choice to enhance or improve in that area. It takes even more courage to openly share our vision, and to bring together a powerful and purposeful team to conquer our goals.  Let’s slow down for a second and consider that confidence, vision, and authenticity are traits in leaders that people find attractive. And since people like to be good, and they like to do good, it’s our responsibility to leverage that desire, and communicate effectively to do great things.  It’s our belief in our team, and in their potential, that empowers & enables them to multiply our efforts and impact. Are you leading an inspired team?


FLASHPOINTS: Action Is Power


Analysis paralysis sucks.  Action is power.

Among the many responsibilities of a leader is the ability to make sound and thoughtful decisions that are in the best interest of those in their charge.  This involves a clear-headed thought process: a pros & cons list, collecting & deciphering information, asking profound questions, and even gut checks and trial and error from time to time.  The specifics of the decision often doesn’t matter (as there may be no clear right or wrong), just a choice of the best path to follow.  What’s most important, after a survey of landscape, is to push through the fear and take action.  Should you find yourself missing the mark or falling short of your goals, simply make course corrections along the way.  Don’t delude yourself that your’re a dreamer….be a doer!