FLASHPOINTS: Stop, Drop…and Reflect?

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When on fire, we know to stop, drop, and roll. In life, we must stop, drop, and reflect.

Reflection could be the most underrated resource in our lives, businesses, and projects. It may not take much time to “take five” to quiet our minds and unwind after a stressful day or interaction or to ask our clients and stakeholders how things are going, but it does take effort. It’s easy to postpone this critical task, instead focusing on the urgent matters that vie for our attention. Regular reflection and introspection, however, provides the opportunity to fine-tune our thoughts, communications, relationships, products and services, which leads to increased confidence that our efforts are bringing value to those we love and serve. The only thing worse than being misunderstood or missing the mark is not even knowing it. What project or area of your life requires additional reflection and introspection?

Finding Nirvana in Peak Performance


Operating at PEAK PERFORMANCE is the dream of anyone seeking a life of significance and success.  Athletes, business leaders, entrepreneurs, shamans, and vagabonds all seek this, often illusive, nirvana. [Read more…]

FLASHPOINTS: What Is Your FULL Potential?

If you’re not failing, you’re not moving far enough or fast enough towards your fullest potential.

Most of us will never realize our true potential in life because we’re often paralyzed by fear.  Fear can debilitate us if we let it—it prevents us from dreaming big; places limits on achievements by diminishing belief in ourselves; and causes us to second guess brilliant ideas because of possible embarrassment associated with failure.  Reflect for a moment on all the unmet potential resting in graveyards around the world.  What if we dared to believe that anything is possible?  What if at the root of all your focus & actions was the burning desire to reach your fullest potential?  Well, you’d be among the highest of high achievers who embrace and learn from failure, yet keep running towards their potential.  Failure: expect it, embrace it, and learn from it.

Create An Extraordinary Life & Business

If you’ve been on the path to success any longer than just a few months you’ve probably recognized there’s going to be significant detours and distractions on the journey.

After experiencing our own ups and downs in business & entrepreneurship, and then comparing our war stories to other high achievers, we’ve identified five strategies that seem to be common with most who have secured enduring success in life and business. Those who find the most reward, balance, and peace seem to be those who fully integrate their personal, business and spiritual life; so here are our 5-Star Strategies to get you on the road to success and harmony.

1) Remove negative chatter from your life and mind. Sadly, some of us have way too many naysayers and detractors in our lives that suck our energy and lifeblood. Most of us have enough negative chatter spinning around our own minds about insecurities and inadequacies that we don’t need them to be reinforced by family and friends. Shed the negative people from your life, and replace the negative self-talk with affirmations of love and reassurance.

2) Focus on your strengths. Too often we waste time “improving our weaknesses” rather than making our strengths stronger. Business leadership & ownership is your chance to build an elite team of diverse ideas and talents who, while working towards a common goal or vision, can impact the business landscape and change the world. An elite team around you will boost your competency and confidence. The fatal flaw of many leaders is the fear of surrounding themselves with people who are bolder and brighter than they are.

3) Take rapid action—because Action is Power! Don’t confuse being a visionary with the ability to bring forth a vision—and don’t settle for being a dreamer rather than a doer. Remember General Patton’s famous quote, “A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan next week.”

4) Expect & embrace failure. The truth is, everyone who has experienced success has experienced mistakes, missteps and failure. The Founder of the Honda Motor Company is known for saying “success is 99% failure.” Failure is not the issue; but how we respond to it is. Sometimes we simply need to quickly evaluate our circumstance, make a five to ten degree course correction, and move out towards our goal, again. Avoid analysis paralysis, and…

5) Never give up. Sir Winston Churchill was quoted as saying, “success is the ability to move from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” We see it over and over again…people give up when success is just around the corner. This is most common with folks who’ve been chasing success in a field or industry in which they have little or no passion. Once you find your passion, and build a business plan around it, the thought of giving up becomes a vapor (you may, at times, become exasperated, but quitting is not an option).