FLASHPOINTS: How Will History Define Your Leadership Legacy?

BAG Screen shot 061014Make your life about the other people in it.

At the core of many great leaders throughout history is the concept of servant leadership. This concept encourages leaders to lead by being of service to their team members. When our role exists to be of service to others by supporting and developing them, we bring out the best in those on our team … and team member gratitude, productivity and loyalty skyrocket as a result. As an added bonus, it’s absolutely rewarding to see folks move closer to their fullest potential while in our charge. When contemplating the leadership strategies we hope to deploy, its helpful to think of leaders we admire most: what qualities, traits and values do/did they possess? How will history define your leadership legacy?


FLASHPOINTS: Describe Yourself In 3 Words…

BAG Screen shot 042914Describe yourself in three words … go!

It’s a common question when you’re writing your bio, interviewing, or entering a competition—but no matter how many times the question is asked, the answer never seems to come any easier. It’s just three words, but for some reason, it’s difficult to commit to writing them down. When listing your three words, you’ll likely realize a couple of things: (1) they change all the time, and (2) we can reinvent ourselves as whomever we want and whenever we want, as often as every single day. They’re just words on a page, but we can turn them into actions and make them part of who we really are. What will be your three words today?

FLASHPOINTS: The F-Word…Failure

BAG Screen shot 042214

Forgiveness starts with the most important person: YOURSELF

Having an exceptional life comes with a boatload of decision-making and risk-taking. Sometimes outcomes don’t match expectations, which leads to that dreaded F-word: FAILURE. And as people who take responsibility for our own actions, we’re often quick to point the finger and lay blame on the same person over and over: ourselves. Dwelling on these negative experiences doesn’t make them any less so—in fact, quite the opposite. Yet ignoring failures is also a mistake—we must embrace them, learn, and move on. Most importantly, we must forgive ourselves and let go of the negativity. So, next time the mental blame-game starts, we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves; we’re all only human, after all. How can you embrace your humanity and cut yourself a break?

FLASHPOINTS: Trust Yourself and YOUR Vision!

BAG Screen shot 040814When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for everyone telling you you’re nuts

—Larry Ellison

Have you ever encountered doubt or disbelief after explaining a monster goal? If not, you’re one of the lucky ones. Have you found yourself on the receiving end of a cringe, eye roll, shake of the head or the “You’re kidding me, right?” look? Don’t fret, it’s just part of the innovation territory. We’re better off being surrounded by people who are open-minded, supportive, and have faith in us. Yet we do need both types of people on our team: ones to warn us and others to bolster us. We should decide to pursue our goals based on our own gut feel, balanced with the proper perspective received from both the negative Nellies and the positive Pollies. How will you dare to be different and trust yourself for your vision?

FLASHPOINTS: Being Interested TRUMPS being Interesting!

BAG Screen shot 022514When it comes to building relationships, being interested trumps being interesting.

 As leaders, sometimes our role is to entertain others, and to keep them enthused and aligned with our cause. We may need to keep the fun flowing, the pace fast, and the organization moving forward to attract high performers. It’s not about us being the center of attention, though. Taking time to show interest in our allies more than trying to impress them pays enormous dividends. We must get to know our team members—their hopes, dreams, and fears—and really understand what it is that inspired them to get involved with us. This not only gives us new insights into our team, but there’s no better way to remind them why they joined in the first place. How can you show you’re truly interested in those working around you?



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FLASHPOINTS: Is It All About You?

BAG Screen shot 111913Artistic manifestations are often considered the truest form of self-expression.  So too, is achievement and leadership.

There are self-doubters and downers who don’t consider their own efforts legitimate until their craft is paying the bills.  Similarly, there are those leaders and achievers who don’t see the significance of their roles as much more than an impressive feat to list on a resume.  Stop doing that!  The critical roles we play have a direct impact on the health of our communities, positive or negative, and shouldn’t be treated as hobbies.  Through the valuable services we provide our spheres of influence we have the power to change lives, and as such, should serve as a significant form of self-expression.  This realization begins when we stop making things all about us, and find the servant heart within us.  How would your self-expression and choices be made if they were based on serving others? 



Screen shot 050713b

We won’t recognize when we’re off course, if we don’t know the destination.

Having vision is about imagining the possibility of what could be.  Perhaps it’s launching a world-changing organization, a successful career, or developing an innovative new product…the list is endless, and is as unique as we are.  For many of us, it feels like a lifetime effort to realize our vision.  It’s often difficult to stay focused, maintain our stamina, and remain patient as goals and visions of greatness are usually the most elusive.  Sometimes those voices in our heads (and of family & friends) become like a child on a long road trip asking, “Are we there yet?”  When your patience seems to be running thin, take a deep breath and then remind yourself of what you’re moving towards. Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible.


Screen shot 050713b

Remember this: all lies are told out of fear; the most evil are the ones we tell ourselves.

Remember that feeling of just having told a white lie as a child?  The insecurity, wondering if anyone will find out, and negotiating with ourselves about why it’s okay we lied.  Some lies we forget all about, while others we remember years later (and sometimes the tinge of guilt still lingers).  While it’s one thing to tell a white lie as a child; it’s neither useful nor acceptable as an adult to lie to others, or ourselves.  Sure, we all do it, but it’s a slippery slope!  Lies & half-truths are damaging to our reputation, and worse still, they zap our energy & wear away at our conscience—which leads to dis-ease & pain.  How true are you to your own core values, and to the people in your charge?

FLASHPOINTS: Delete, Delegate, or Defer!

Screen shot 050713b

Magic happens when things get done that you don’t want to do.

We all have those few insignificant tasks that seem to stay on our to-do lists forever. They make their way to the bottom of the list, and then just linger. While there’s nothing wrong with having a to-do list, these ever-present tasks can zap your mental energy, prevent you from finding clarity, and hold you back from reaching your fullest potential. If you really want significant breakthroughs in your life, here’s your challenge: start from the bottom of your to-do list today, and honestly access why you’ve not tackled these tasks. Do they require strengths, skills and talents that lay outside your comfort zone? If so, delete them from your list, delegate them to another team member, or defer them to another time. Get brutal: delete, delegate, or defer!