FLASHPOINTS: Turn Your Weakness Into a Motivator!

BAG Screen shot 052714Our weakness can improve our strengths, if we use it in the right way.

Ah, the shellacking we give ourselves for procrastination. Those times when we give in to weakness and wasted precious time. It’s Facebook, Twitter, or the latest gaming forums or business blogs … whatever thief we allow to steal our time. How can we actually take advantage of this weakness? By turning it into a reward system! We can treat ourselves to engaging in this activity when we’ve completed a certain portion of our to-do list. Take an unpleasant task that cannot be deferred, give it your full attention for a solid hour, then reward yourself with the guilty pleasure of 15 minutes of procrastination! Giving ourselves permission to indulge can work to our advantage if we use it judiciously. How can you turn your weakness into a motivator?


FLASHPOINTS: Are You Fooling Yourself?

BAG Screen shot 040114The easiest person to fool is yourself. 

The Dunning-Kruger effect says we can either underestimate or overestimate our abilities, as we’re simply too close to ourselves to be objective. On one hand, we don’t notice our flaws; on the other hand, we downplay our skills, talents and strengths. With maturity, both perspectives can be adjusted and fine-tuned, but having a mentor is the quickest way to do that. Engaging a trusted advisor or someone in the community that we’d love to build a relationship with may be the key to illuminating those blind spots. The goal isn’t to fix our blind spots, but to become aware of them so we can remember to check for them as we’re driving down the road of life. What do others see in you that you’re not seeing in yourself?