FLASHPOINTS: Describe Yourself In 3 Words…

BAG Screen shot 042914Describe yourself in three words … go!

It’s a common question when you’re writing your bio, interviewing, or entering a competition—but no matter how many times the question is asked, the answer never seems to come any easier. It’s just three words, but for some reason, it’s difficult to commit to writing them down. When listing your three words, you’ll likely realize a couple of things: (1) they change all the time, and (2) we can reinvent ourselves as whomever we want and whenever we want, as often as every single day. They’re just words on a page, but we can turn them into actions and make them part of who we really are. What will be your three words today?

Words of Wisdom

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“a sense of mission trumps ambition.”

– Larry Broughton

FLASHPOINTS: The F-Word…Failure

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Forgiveness starts with the most important person: YOURSELF

Having an exceptional life comes with a boatload of decision-making and risk-taking. Sometimes outcomes don’t match expectations, which leads to that dreaded F-word: FAILURE. And as people who take responsibility for our own actions, we’re often quick to point the finger and lay blame on the same person over and over: ourselves. Dwelling on these negative experiences doesn’t make them any less so—in fact, quite the opposite. Yet ignoring failures is also a mistake—we must embrace them, learn, and move on. Most importantly, we must forgive ourselves and let go of the negativity. So, next time the mental blame-game starts, we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves; we’re all only human, after all. How can you embrace your humanity and cut yourself a break?

FAILURE: It’s Not Just For Losers Anymore

Let me start with a somewhat provocative statement: If You’re Not FAILING, You’re Not Moving Far Enough or Fast Enough Towards Your FULLEST POTENTIAL!

Too many so-called self-help, human-potential, self-improvement gurus out there lie to us forget to tell us that reaching for our goals, and achieving success is flipping hard work! All we need to do is give them our 3 easy payments of $69, and all our dreams will be realized! BULL! Please believe this: there is no free ride, no easy path, no quick fix, and no shortcuts to enduring success.

If attaining business success is so easy, why aren’t more people considered successful (both by their own standards, and the outside world)? The truth is, we’ve been sold a sack of crap bill of goods by most of the success charlatans out there. Many of them have never actually run a successful business! Frankly, they’ve made more money by peddling the “products” they’ve developed (books, CDs, etc.) than they have by actually using the “principles” and “techniques” in a legitimate business.

Here is the TRUTH: like anything else in life that’s difficult, when you first try it, YOU’RE GONNA FAIL…you’ll make mistakes…you’ll get frustrated…and you’ll want to quit. Think of anything new or foreign that you’ve tried for the first time as an adult (perhaps a new instrument, sport, or language)…were you an immediate expert, or did you fumble around for a while?

We’ve ALL had setbacks and failures. We can whine, moan, feel sorry for ourselves, and blame others, or we can get ourselves a nice, tall, refreshing glass of “suck-it-up” juice! When we fall short, when we fail, we MUST get up and put one bloody, dusty boot in front of the other and drive on towards our potential…towards success.

I once heard that the most beautiful gift from God is our potential! That’s a powerful statement. It strikes me that among the saddest things about life are the graveyards around world filled with unmet potential. Why? Because most of those people never took action to activate or realize their potential—or they simply gave up before ever reaching their potential.

Failure does not define you—it refines you. Your response to failure, defines you. Never, Never, Never Quit.

Now, go get ‘em!


Words Of Wisdom

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“all good things begin as a daydream.” 

– Larry Broughton


FLASHPOINTS: What The Antidote?

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It ain’t obstacles that stand in our way; it simply comes down to you and me.

Yes, the only thing standing between us and our goals is us, and it comes down to action. Sadly, knowing this and feeling inspired to take determined action can be miles apart. We can, however, start to bridge that gap by working a little smarter and contributing a little more to get things done. But sometimes, the extra pressure can bog us down, like we’ve been bitten by the paralysis bug. So, what’s the antidote? Flexibility. Reflect, reassess, and ask: Does it really need to be done now? What are the odds of actually getting it done now? What will the consequence or reward be as a result? And how can planning be improved next time? Which of your goals truly need more of you, and which just need revising?

Words of Wisdom

4_8_14 WOW“the pursuit of our passions requires inspiration and courage…and is our path to greatness.” 

-Larry Broughton

How Can I Get Investors to Believe in Me?

This question comes from an entrepreneur in Chandler, AZ who asks, “How do I get investors to believe in me and want to invest in my business?”

Great question! Growth often requires outside money, so even if you’re not asking this question now, you might very well be in the future!

Here are some of the tips we’ve found useful over the years:

    • You Must Be Able to Answer the Question “Why You?”: Ultimately, people will be investing in you…not necessarily your business idea. You must be able to quickly and effectively answer “Why You?”…why are you the one to run this business and make it a success. If you fumble, mumble, and stumble through this answer, make sure you practice it until you have it down cold. Remember, there are thousands of potential business out there that an investor can make money in. Share your success, track record, and ability to overcome adversity. This isn’t a time to be humble!


    • Do Your Homework: We recommend watching some re-runs of the ABC TV show Shark Tank. Pay attention to the questions the “Sharks” ask on this show. Can you answer these questions about your own business? If not, do your homework and make sure you can with ease before you get in front of potential investors. Too many entrepreneurs can’t answer key questions about their business when the pressure is on.


  • Believe in Your Vision: A bold, well-articulated vision in which you have an unshakable belief is one of your best weapons in landing investors. To paraphrase the late Steve Jobs, “You have to have a pirate mentality…” Think big, have passion, cover your bases, and be willing to ask again and again. You have to be BOLD.

Listen to a complete recording of this conversation by clicking here

Words Of Wisdom

4_1_14 WOW“there’s no great leverage than a compelling vision,

and an inspired team to make it so.”

– Larry Broughton


FLASHPOINTS: Are You Fooling Yourself?

BAG Screen shot 040114The easiest person to fool is yourself. 

The Dunning-Kruger effect says we can either underestimate or overestimate our abilities, as we’re simply too close to ourselves to be objective. On one hand, we don’t notice our flaws; on the other hand, we downplay our skills, talents and strengths. With maturity, both perspectives can be adjusted and fine-tuned, but having a mentor is the quickest way to do that. Engaging a trusted advisor or someone in the community that we’d love to build a relationship with may be the key to illuminating those blind spots. The goal isn’t to fix our blind spots, but to become aware of them so we can remember to check for them as we’re driving down the road of life. What do others see in you that you’re not seeing in yourself?