Special Ops-Inspired Success Intensive

Broughton Advisory Group’s Special Ops-Inspire Success Intensive is a closed-door, breakthrough-driven, two-day event provides you with concentrated, proven strategies that will move your business forward.

This event is ideal for:

  • New market CEOs striving to maximize their company’s strategic organization – Build the most dynamic team possible to build the most dynamic business possible!
  • Accomplished executives transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship – Achieve rapid success, leveraging the strength of your experience and network to successfully make the leap to business ownership!
  • Serious startup entrepreneurs who don’t want to fritter away time and resources on novice mistakes – Radically reduce your learning curve!
  • Leadership of companies in rapid growth mode – Develop every aspect of your strategy to take your business to the next level!
  • “C-level” executives with P&L responsibility in a mature company interested in instilling the critical entrepreneurial mindset in their team members – If everyone on your thinks like an entrepreneur, your success will be unparalleled!

The Success Intensive, built upon Larry Broughton and Phil Dyer’s VICTORY Success Strategies, moves you step-by-step through two powerful days of concentrated mentoring. During the Success Intensive, you’ll focus on the following elements:

Strategic Business Audit (pre-event)

To make the most of your time at the Success Intensive, we’ll begin our journey with a 30-minute private business audit. This gives us an opportunity to get to know you and your business. Additionally, you’ll enter the Success Intensive with a crystalized vision of what you need to accomplish during our two days together.

Peak Performance Assessments (pre-event)

Understanding who you are and how you operate is key to running a successful business. Through a detailed assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, we’ll decipher how they translate into achieving your peak performance.

Elite Team Building

Even solopreneurs need support to achieve their highest potential. Learn to attract the professionals who can make your visions a reality with targeted tactics for identifying, drawing, and retaining the people you want with the skills you need.

Strategic Vision for Business Building

Entrepreneurs have vision, but it is often difficult to put that vision into an actionable plan to grow your business. During the Success Intensive, you will develop a tactical plan to achieve your goals using Phil and Larry’s VICTORY plan.

Spotlight Coaching

The Success Intensive is a closed-door event, open to forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are focused on business breakthroughs. These peers are amazing resources! During concentrated spotlight sessions, you will share your biggest business obstacles with the incredibly bright, results-driven minds at the Success Intensive.

Plan of ACTION

Armed with the two days of powerful insights, you will leave the Success Intensive with an actionable plan that serves as the catalyst for an immediate, positive impact in your business… guaranteed! This plan will guide you through the next 90 days, providing a springboard to make your discoveries a reality.

Private Re-Energizing Consultation

Even with your plan of action, it’s easy to lose steam once you’ve left the Success Intensive. This strategically placed call is designed to keep you energetically pursuing your business breakthroughs, long after the Success Intensive is over.

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