VICTORY – 7 Special Ops Success Strategies for Entrepreneurs

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Perfect for EVERY current and aspiring business owner and entrepreneur!  As a follow-up to their popular VICTORY: 7 Entrepreneur Success Strategies for Veterans, this second book by Broughton and Dyer will transform your approach to leadership, team building, business planning, and decision making—and propel your organization to new heights of enduring success.

Broughton and Dyer have distilled decades of business & military successes into 7 essential strategies you can immediately put t action to transform your skills and values into an unstoppable force to charge over the barriers of business mediocrity and achieve true entrepreneurial success.

Similar in content, and sharing the same strategies as their first book together, VICTORY: 7 Special Ops Success Strategies for Entrepreneurs is written specifically for the “civilian” entrepreneur, free of military jargon, but with same high-octane, action-oriented approach to success.

VICTORY – 7 Entrepreneur Success Strategies for Veterans

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Military veterans possess the perfect combination of drive, determination and dedication to make outstanding entrepreneurs!  Vets start businesses at 4 times the rate of the general population; 1 in 7 small businesses operating today are veteran-owned and they enjoy double the success rate of other businesses. Many of today’s most prominent businesses, including Nike, FedEX, and were founded by vets.

Written by Vetrepreneurs for Vetrepreneurs and those entrepreneurs with a warrior’s spirit, VICTORY – 7 Entrepreneur Success Strategies for Veterans will transform your approach to leadership, team building, business planning, and decision-making and propel your organization to new heights of enduring success.

Co-authors Larry Broughton & Phil Dyer have distilled decades of mission-tested business and military experience into 7 essential strategies you can immediately use to transform your experience, skills and values into an unstoppable force to breakthrough the barriers of business mediocrity and achieve entrepreneurial success.  In addition, they have included lessons learned through interviewing, mentoring and masterminding with world-class military veteran entrepreneurs to provide powerful real-life examples you can model to move out with speed, clarity and precision.

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Wonder Women: How Western Women Will Save the World


There is a seismic shift taking place today in the way businesses are launched, how they are run and – most importantly – in how success is measured. The traditional business model, fueled by testosterone and focused on winning at all costs, is irretrievably broken. Further, many of the devastating problems we know see in our country and the world today are a direct result of this mindset taken to the extreme.

Fortunately, a movement is underway…a movement toward a more collaborative business model – one based in the nurturing, relationship-centered feminine energy. This shift is nothing short of a revolution…it is the Conscious Business Revolution™.

At the forefront of this movement are Western Women, poised to step into their power and to help bring the rest of the world along with them. And not a moment too soon. Our future depends on it. As the Dalai Lama stated, “The world will be saved by the
Western Woman”.

This book open your eyes to the realities of this inevitable and swiftly moving business revolution, and more importantly, it will give you very practical guidance on how to experience your own personal and professional revolution starting today.

FLASHPOINTS FOR ACHIEVERS – Insightful Messages That Bring Significant Results


Top achievers live busy, complicated lives, and often find it difficult to simplify the clutter to invest time and energy in the right things at the right time.

FLASHPOINTS for Achievers is the answer.

Each message is brief (under 130 words), insightful, thought-provoking and motivating.  Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine says this, “Larry Broughton’s FLASHPOINTS for Achievers is fresh, poignant and uniquely insightful.  The messages never fail to cause me to pause, take note and consider how each point can make me better at what I do.”



What I Learned in the Army’s Elite Special Forces to Create a Leading Hotel Company and be Awarded Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

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Today’s volatile economic environment places managers and executives under mounting pressure to create more with less, while developing highly effective, motivated teams. Based on inspiring stories of defying the odds from inside one of the military’s most elite units, as well as accounts of tragedy to triumph from the business world, Leadership Lessons From A Former Green Beret provides mission-tested action steps to improve productivity and boost morale in any organization.




Harnessing Mission-Tested Leadership Strategies to Create Extraordinary Business Success

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Warriors in the Boardroom is a powerful and inspiring book that simplifies the principles and strategies that military veterans have applied to business to create some of the most influential companies in the world—companies like Nike, Perot Systems, Mail Boxes Etc.,, and FedEx.

The book identifies the traits of our warrior-business leaders, and speaks to why veteran-led companies outperform non-veteran led companies; and why business owners outnumber non-veteran business owners on a scale of 4 to 1. Warriors in the Boardroom is not only a study of military leadership principles applied to the business arena, but also offers human-interest profiles of some of our most interesting veteran business leaders who share stories of courage, tenacity, tragedy and triumph.


Developing Exemplary Leadership Skills To Advance Your Life Towards Greatness

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Student Action Guide To Unconventional Leadership offers inspirational lessons and transformational activity sheets for students to develop effective leadership skills. Campus life offers a full range of diversity and opportunity for improving leadership skills, and this insightful action guide offers students tools for developing leadership through influence. The book emphasizes that leadership based on developing healthy and effective relationships is more effective than leadership by authority.

Leadership is a teachable skill and is within everyone’s grasp, and not exclusive to those in official command-structure roles in formal organizations. This book offers students the opportunity to gain greater knowledge of themselves, improve relationships with teams and groups, and become more effective in demonstrating leadership skills that will guide them successfully throughout their lives.