Leadership Development

Leadership isn’t a noun, it’s a verb. ~ Larry Broughton

Does your company have the leadership it needs to rise above the others?

We aren’t just talking about the executives in their C-level offices with plush couches and big desks. Leaders are in every aspect of your company. From entry-level managers to department heads, your company needs strong leaders on every rung of its corporate ladder.

Broughton Advisory Group brings to the table 60 years of combined military, corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit leadership development from entry-level to CEO/Executive Director levels. Our advisors range from CEO of a major hotel chain to principal of a law firm. They have the “been there, done that” experience necessary to help you grow your leaders and ultimately catapult your business to the top.

Learn more about our advisors: http://broughtonadvisory.com/meet-us/

Our focus is to identify current and potential leaders in your organization, who have the motivation, integrity and capacity necessary to create a profound, positive, long-term impact. From entry level managers to top C-level executives, our programs are designed to maximize leadership potential within any level of organization.

Starting at the top:

Executive Leaders Program: This program is designed to support those at the top; CEO’s, C-Suite Executives and senior non-profit/governmental executives who want to become transformational leaders. At this level we identify, unlock and implement “the final 10%” of your personal and professional peak performance.

In this program we:
• Leverage your unique leadership style
• Help you understand critical “new economy” leadership paradigms
• Teach leadership as “fuel” for short and long-term strategic goals

Working from the bottom up:

Emerging Leaders Program: This program supports the important talent development teams in the mid-to-large size organization. At this level the organization wants to maximize internal leadership development while reinforcing core organizational values and accomplishment of tactical/operational goals.

In this program we:
• Develop the ideal leader profile
• Create and manage cross-functional teams
• Identify and reinforce natural strengths and talents
• Develop and implement clear leadership pathways

Soaring to new heights in your organization is possible…one leader at a time.