ELITE™ Team Building

So, you’re running a business that you love. You’ve got a group of people working for and with you, but it seems like something’s missing… Inspire your team to become more driven, more dedicated, and more productive through a day-long Elite Team Building exercise.

Engage with your team using Special Ops-inspired tactics that will re-energize your organization for the long-term. After completing pre-event E-DNA assessments, Phil and Larry will customize your ELITE Team Building Day to maximize measurable results based on your organization’s desired outcomes. Each ELITE Team Building Day delivers an immediate impact and, through post-event leadership briefings, your team will internalize these changes, seamlessly integrating them into your standard operating procedures.


Through a detailed, business-specific capstone, you will gain real knowledge about your team as you immerse yourself in 2-3 engaging, interactive experiences that break down the barriers between your organization in the present and your desired future. You will build up relationships through acute emotional knowledge of your team members. Most importantly, you will clearly see the gaps between your team and the team culture necessary for your business to thrive.

Organizations who have benefited from ELITE™ Team Building programs vary from size and industry, including Higher Education, Health Care, Governmental Agencies, US Military, Corporations, Non-Profits, and Small Business.

The Elite Team Building day includes:

  • Pre-event SELF PEAK Performance Assessments
  • Team building day led by Phil and Larry that includes 2-3 fun and challenging team building exercises
  • Business-specific capstone designed to teach you about your team, prepare for strategic re-design, and integrate long-lasting, beneficial changes
  • Post-event leadership briefing to reinforce changes and keep you on the right track

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