Creative Espresso: Faceless Cog or Dream Achiever?

I stumbled on this sketch while surfing around the web last night, and found it really enlightening.  Thanks, Steve Sammartino, for cramming so many thought-provoking ideas into one awesome sketch.

The Productivity-Positivity Matrix

Organizations of every size need high productivity and positivity to sustain growth and enduring success.  Too often, however, they fall short in one, or both, area(s).  How is your organization doing? [Read more…]

8 Crowdfunding Sites For Raising Start-Up Capital

So, you’ve got dreams of entrepreneurship, but find your access to capital and those who possess it out of reach?  Although an old technique, social networks have made crowdfunding more popular, and their websites bring entrepreneurs and potential investors closer than ever.  Below are 8 crowdfunding sites to explore to raise money to build your empire. [Read more…]